TV using aluminum stage truss crank tower

Stage truss crank stand which TV using, the aluminum stage truss crank tower can hang light and speaker.

stage truss crank

Product Description

stage truss aluminum tv truss stand truss crank stand

RK aluminum truss is highly successful in the medium outdoor performance.

Color: silver or black, yellow etc.

Model: RKBLA40.

Shape: Triangle truss

Product Details

size: 290*290mm/400*400mm/520*520mm etc
thickness: 3mm
Height: 410-610mm,610-810mm

Code Length Weight
RK-TR40050 500 mm 4.91kg
RK-TR40100 1000 mm 7.13kg
TR40150 1500 mm 9.35kg
TR40200 2000 mm 11.90kg
TR40250 2500 mm 14.20kg
TR40300 3000 mm 16.30kg
TR40350 3500 mm 18.50kg
TR40400 4000 mm 20.71kg
TR40450 4500 mm 22.92kg
TR40500 5000 mm 25.45kg


Code Diameter Part/Deg Weight
RK-TRR4010-180 2000mm 180° 6.93kg
TRR4015-90 3000mm 90° 5.73kg
TRR4020-90 4000mm 90° 7.65kg
TRR4025-45 5000mm 45° 5.35kg
TRR4030-45 6000mm 40° 6.15kg
TRR4035-45 7000mm 45° 7.25kg
TRR4040-45 8000mm 45° 7.95kg
TRR4045-45 9000mm 45° 8.75kg
TRR4050-30 10000mm 30° 6.75kg

Length UDL Defelection CPL Deflection Third points Deflection Forth points Deflection Fifth points Deflection
1000mm 913kg/m 1.0mm 549kg 1.0mm 524kg 1.0mm 481kg 1.0mm 457kg 1.0mm
2000mm 672kg/m 4.0mm 481kg 2.0mm 444kg 4.0mm 385kg 3.0mm 356kg 3.0mm
3000mm 467kg/m 6.0mm 427kg 6.0mm 385kg 7.0mm 321kg 5.0mm 291kg 5.0mm
4000mm 314kg/m 12.0mm 385kg 10.0mm 340kg 12.0mm 275kg 9.0mm 246kg 10.0mm
5000mm 197kg/m 18.0mm 350kg 14.0mm 304kg 18.0mm 241kg 14.0mm 208kg 14.0mm
6000mm 136kg/m 25.0mm 321kg 20.0mm 275kg 26.0mm 207kg 19.0mm 172kg 20.0mm
7000mm 98kg/m 34.0mm 296kg 27.0mm 251kg 35.0mm 176kg 26.0mm 146kg 27.0mm
8000mm 75kg/m 44.0mm 275kg 35.0mm 228kg 44.0mm 152kg 33.0mm 126kg 35.0mm
9000mm 71kg/m 54.0mm 257kg 43.0mm 200kg 55.0mm 133kg 41.0mm 111kg 43.0mm
10000mm 45kg/m 65.0mm 236kg 52.0mm 177kg 66.0mm 118kg 50.0mm 98kg 52.0mm
11000mm 36kg/m 78.0mm 211kg 61.0mm 158kg 78.0mm 105kg 59.0mm 87kg 61.0mm
12000mm 30kg/m 89.0mm 189kg 71.0mm 142kg 91.0mm 95kg 67.0mm 79kg 71.0mm
13000mm 25kg/m 100.0mm 171kg 80.0mm 128kg 103.0mm 85kg 77.0mm 71kg 80.0mm
14000mm 20kg/m 112.0mm 155kg 90.0mm 116kg 115.0mm 77kg 86.0mm 64kg 89.0mm
15000mm 17kg/m 125.0mm 141kg 98.0mm 106kg 126.0mm 70kg 95.0mm 58kg 98.0mm
16000mm 15kg/m 134.0mm 128kg 107.0mm 96kg 137.0mm 64kg 103.0mm 53kg 106.0mm
17000mm 12kg/m 140.0mm 117kg 114.0mm 87kg 146.0mm 58kg 108.0mm 48kg 116.0mm
18000mm 10kg/m 151.0mm 106kg 120.0mm 80kg 152.0mm 53kg 116.0mm 44kg 121.0mm

Other Details

* Material: 6082-T6
* Equipped with connecting hardware
*TUV certificated

We choose high quality material and to ensure the truss to be durable and stronger!

Lighting truss with portable stage package
Lightweight but strong;
With aluminum alloy material;
Easy and quick to set up;
Perfect for event concert show band wedding performance exhibition worship festival etc.