RK Provides a long range of stages and staging equipments to help you hold any large event, like concert, dance party or any indoor and outdoor shows. Portable stage is good to use on many occasions to help people to build a tempory stage, it's significant less costly compared to build a whole stage.

RK Ramp Stage with gardrail

However, portable stage can still be a trouble with transportation issues, RK provides a new ramp stage with gardrail to help you with that.
RK Ramp Garrail Stage is 1. Easy to install
                                                2. Stable constructed, good quality, simple to use.
                                                3. Light weight, good for transportation.

This item is mainly made of plywood and aluminum, currently we have many colors available: black, grey and white, however if none of the three colors you like, we still accept accustomed color printing.

So how does it work exactly?

Ramp stage is designed for those who have a hard time setting up their stages, ramp stage helps people to put heavier things onto the stage, much easier compared to traditional, normal stages. We also have a gardrail with this item.