Everyone just have one wedding in his/her life,

so you must want have a perfect,fantastic,beautiful wedding event,

our pipe and drape will make your dreaming wedding come ture.

Pipe and drape

Details of this product:


1. Base Plate:  420*400*5mm/450*450*5mm/500*500*8mm/450*450*10mm/400*400*12mm



2. Adjustable Upright:


Height: 3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft ,5ft-8ft, 6ft~10ft,7ft-12ft ,8ft-14ft , 9ft-16ft ,9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft,11ft-20ft ,12ft-22ft,13ft-24ft 14ft-26ft and customized.

Types: 2 tubes and 3 tubes.



3. Crossbar (Drape Support):


Lenth: 2ft-3ft,3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft,5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft,7ft-12ft,8ft-10ft,8ft-14ft ,9ft-16ft 





4. Drapes:  Draperies are avaiable in various color ,size and weight, including chiffon,velvet,banjo cloth, poly premier, etc.